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F4SE Installed Incorrectly?

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I've been playing with mods for the past few years and I've used a script extender on them and never had trouble. Skyrim? No trouble. Fallout 4? No trouble. Except that is no longer the case. I had to uninstall some games to make space for the Hard Drive and with that is all the mods and saves, etc. I decided to come back to Fallout 4 and run around with mods once again. I had to reinstall F4SE to run some of my favorite mods and they run fine and my game doesn't crash on start up, unless I go to the main menu too quickly.


So, I have F4SE installed and I am running mods that require it and the game runs fairly well without crashes, but when I use four-play or any associated mods I get a message that says that the installation is incorrect. I've gone to previous threads on the forum, watched videos, reinstalled the SE 5+ times but no luck at fixing it. Help is greatly appreciated.

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