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WickedWhims file missing files, not running

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When I open the WickedWhimsMod folder, it only shows me three files. TURBODRIVER Scripts, TURBODRIVER Tuning, and cas_parts. On past versions of the mod, it showed me many more. I have removed all CC from my game and re-downloaded, but the issue still persists. The issue is that none of the features of the mod show up in my game. No Exception files show up in my Sims 4 folder either, so I'm a bit lost as to why I'm not getting the files.

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the 3 files are right


Merged all packages into one ‘TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning’ package file.
Make sure to remove all WickedWhims files before installation!

i delete the whickedwhimsMod folder in the user/documents/sims4/save and the localthumbcache.package in the user/documents/sims4 folder and now is runing

hope this help you too

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