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I want to try and give back some control back to the players that want to play fallout 4 without the time limited quests if I can

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Anyways... I was thinking of building a mod myself if it's not to hard for me. I was thinking of building mod that removes the time limit for some of the quests in fallout4. 


I looked for a mod on nexus and I couldn't find anything that does anything about the time limit in some of the quests in fallout 4. Maybe I'm just wishing too much on building this mod but I'm going to give it a try. Anyways I just need to be pointed to the right direction on what to read and learn to start on modding for this mod for any ideas on how to remove the time limit on time limited quests. I'm not even skilled at this stuff and not sure if it's even possible. It took me 3 to 2 months just to learn 80% of MO and MO2 and all the other programs that were made for skyrim and fallout 4 by modders.


Anyways the closest i've ever been to making a mod was a Galbedir follower mod for morrowind years ago and that mod was not the best of my modding skills. It was an ok mod too me. I just needed to learn more overtime about modding and didn't even make anything since then.


I'm not sure if this is the right place for asking about this mod about the time limited quest and sorry for that.


Thanks in advance and cheers. 




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Now I'm going to google this subject on this mod I'm thinking of about doing some editing for somethings in some of the quest that have a time limit.


It's only been one day since i made this topic so if anybody knows any links for me to start reading up on how to edited some files in fallout 4 to fix this issue post them up and thanks and cheers.

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I really would NOT suggest you do this, for yourself let alone to give to other people to install... this sort of edit would be quite dirty and require you to edit the MAIN scripts that govern workshop settlements. Anyone who mods will tell you that this is a HUGE nope, dont ever do it. Honestly, if you play around with this, without knowing precisely what you are changing, you could make your whole game break, requiring re-installation.


I cannot stress this enough. Bad Idea.

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Actually... I've Just begun to start the game and I have 2 computers at the moment and if i have to i'll buy another copy of fallout 4 just so it's not being dishonest about it i'll be doing that but I'll be doing that at a later time though. Right now I'm just reading up on this stuff and not doing anything at this moment or installing stuff. 


And I can't emphasize enough on bethesda forcing us to have crap time limits with quests and if i have to put this off for couple years i do that just to understand it. I'm going to at least try see if it's possible. Anyways I'm not promising anything but i'll just be looking into it to see if it's anyway possible to do it and thanks for the "MAIN scripts that govern workshop settlements" Comment at least i can look that up and see what can be messed with when editing stuff like that.  



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WorkshopParentScript.psc in your Fallout4\Scripts\Source\Base\ folder. This is your Doomsday Button. This is what will destroy your installation of Fallout 4 when you monkey with it.


Fair warning was given :smile:

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