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Idea for dawnguard mod

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Just an idea that would be cool for anyone willing/able to make it.


Imagine if after killing Harkon and claiming castle volkihar, if you could then talk to the dark elf adviser guy or valerica or someone and ask them to do the ritual for becoming a daughter of coldharbour. Then they would prepare some ritual site at the shrine of molag bal where you fight harkon(just a circle of candles or whatever) and then summon molag bal and ask to perform the ritual.(i think i've seen someone make a monster in a mod that looks kinda like him)


If anyone is unfamiliar with TES lore; daughters of coldharbour - like serana and her mother - are created by basically being raped to death by molag bal( don't really know how it's rape, since they agreed to it) 


Then like a quick animation and ritual would be done. Then the player would get some small buff to their vampirism or whatever. Nothing big. And maybe the ability to create blood cursed arrows and that's it. 


I think it would be cool for the sake of actually being a pure blooded vampire, instead of a "mix blood" like Valerica calls you.(The entire thing should only be possible after completing dawngaurd because Valerica calls you that when you find her the soul cairn but she doesnt metion it after)


Just throwing the idea out there. Hope it can be of use to someone.

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