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Sexlab Defeat Sit/Lie Animations not playing

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I've got one save game where the "Sit" and "Lie" animations post-player-victim for Defeat don't play.  SL Animations are fine, the rest of the victim steps play out properly, it's just post-sex that the character just stands idle.  Struggle/Recovery bar appears when I press the hotkeys, and the struggle animations works as well.


Tried using the MCM Rebuild.  Also tried deactivating Sexlab Defeat, saving, cleaning, and reactivating.  No dice though.


This might have to do with Deadly Drain, as this is the only character I have that mod active for.


Don't mind rebuilding this character from scratch, but I was hoping someone knows of a way to re-register those animations or if there was a known conflict that could cause this problem.

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