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Looking for Studio954's Male clothing

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I have been looking all over the place for these, but I can't seem to find any trace of them. The only mentions/links are related to Hall of Torque (Lady M's website) which is pretty much gone. 


And so, I appeal to your kindness ... xD If by any chance any of you has some of his files around I'd greatly appreciate them. To be honest, I have never really seen them, but it seems any time someone on the forums asked for "sexy male clothes" that's the way they were pointed. 


Suggestions of any other source of sexy male lingerie/underwear/clothes would also be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you! :3 


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I was directed to this old thread by someone on MTS.  Unfortunately, my old creation files were lost in a computer crash and I've never been able to find copies on my external drives.


I still create for Sims, but it's Sims4 now.  If anyone is interested in sexy male clothing and objects with a gay sensibility, you can contact me here, on gmail, or discord.


~Studio954 (AKA Frotbody here)


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On 7/21/2020 at 4:17 PM, Frotbody said:

I still create for Sims, but it's Sims4 now.

With mods like Passions and Kinky World, TS3 can still use some nice garment CC... and as I basically stick to female sims, and it looks like much of your work is geared to male and futa... well... think about it. )))

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