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Women's Athletic Short Shorts and Compression Shorts

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So I'm using the Zombie Walkers mod and I have been trying to get more mods that add more modern content such as settlement items, armor, and of course clothing,


For my playthrough I'm roleplaying as a Tomboy 17 year old girl and she is surviving the post nuclear zombie apocalypse with her beloved 18 year old boyfriend (for this I'm using the Dual Survivors mod and the settler naming resource to give Nate the name I chose for her boyfriend) now there are quite a few mods that add modern clothing that would fit in a zombie scenario but 1 I would love to have but doesn't appear to be a thing yet is these I would love if someone did these






they would fit my playthrough very well, so please can somebody do this and maybe include a male version of the shorts but it being men's athletic pants please and if the compression shorts used the same armor slot as the panties in the sporty underwear mod?

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