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Please help - No idea how to add physics to cbbe using Bodyslide


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So I have cbbe installed and I Installed bodyslide through NMM.

When I open Bodyslide I click on Outfit/Body and choose cbbe body physics and preset cbbe curvy. When I build it says process successful but when I play there are still no physics.


There is not much useful info out there on how to install this properly. Any help would be awesome

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I am assuming any armor or clothing you have already has cbbe bodyslide if it does not there are some tutorials on youtube that will help out more. what I am showing here is what I learned recently and after some time playing around in outfit studio. there may be mistakes on my part sorry if that is the case. you need to have cherryhotalings breast physics mod, cbbephysics is wonky it works but from all the times I have used it, they never work right for me. the mod is on nexus. here is the link for the mod.



1.) open your bodyslide.


2.) open outfit studio.


3.) select from drop down menu in file new outfit.


4.) select custom preset, chose from file, got to fallout 4/data/meshes/actors/character/characterassets; then select femalebody.nif


5.) then select armor/clothing from the meshes file that you want to add physics too. (note that some of the armors especially custom are in the meshes folder you wont need to go into the armor categorie). once your done hit ok or finish, it will load up in the outfit studio dont worry about clipping as you wont see that in game once you finish the steps.


6.) select the sections in the right hand menu that are for the top (where your boobs will be in the outfit) hold CTRL and select the pants or bottom layer clothing.


6.) then goto bones and select only CLOTH_google_bones_00, and CLOTH_Google_Bones_01.


7.) return to meshes tab, right click on the ones you selected and hit copyselectedboneweights.


8.) a pop-up should appear not to worry select ok, then go to file - export-ToNIF


9.) and all done re-build your outfits using your current settings (assuming that you have cherryhotalings breast physics, and cbbebodyenhancer installed).


10.) in game the armor or clothing should have physics. you will have to do this for all armor one at a time I am sorry but this is the only way I know how, rinse and repeat.


Hope this helps, pictures are available in the spoiler below if I have done anything wrong Ill try to fix. but there is a video on this subject in youtube I would suggest you go there for more in depth better teaching than I.





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