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UNPB Armor/ clothing replacers?

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It's been asked a hundred times already, I'm sure. But does anyone know of good replacers with Bodyslide/ HTD enabled? Recently noticed that the armors I used to use are.. .no longer scaling. (Likely due to a few mods I use that actually change the method of 'scaling', specifically Inflation Framework.)


I'd like to get a good replacer for vanilla armor and clothing, anyone have a suggestion? Preferably something that doesn't make all the women in skyrim look like sluts... I kind of enjoy how they look as is. :c


Edit: Took. Fucking. Forever. But to anyone who wants armor that ISN'T a disgrace to armor by being a bikini, here's some Bodyslide conversions: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85411/?tab=description

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