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Need help replacing the face of Vilja with preset


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I've made a preset that I want to use for Vilja and I've followed the steps in this guide. When placing my custom NPC in the game, the features of the face look like they should, but the skin of the face is much darker than the body. I've also tried merging to Vilja directly with the same result. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help!

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3 hours ago, RW311 said:

IF you just try to merge mesh and texture directly but don't update esp with new lighting and tint data it will give you dark face, or really bad tint mismatch on body and head.

Okay, updated the face tint to match my preset and it looks fine. What effect does the lighting settings have?

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The guide you posted has a link about adding a follower npc, in that guide is a section called  "Use the face of your player character for the NPC" ,  did you follow those steps also? That is where the data will get merged from the npc you made in racemenu to the npc you are changing. You can also manually do it but it's tedious and doesn't always work as you have to write down all the tint values and patch them in through tesedit but this is not guaranteed to work and you still need a facegen built with all the same face and headparts anyway to merge.


I don't know what effect the lighting settings have, may just have something to do with rendering in ck?

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