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Clothes still on?

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I installed everything correctly (I believe), but for some reason when I engage in sex (not rape) the npc and my character still have their clothes on (the clothes under them if you were to un-equip all their clothing). Is there an option to remove this or do I need a specific mod?

I downloaded the required lovers mods (resource and PK) as well as the mods for better looking girls.

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Guest Donkey

you have to set the option in your main lover with pk spell on how to act during sex acts. you can just add what to wear with the change clothes options.

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If you mean they have underwear still' date=' you need a body replacer. Plenty of them on tesnexus, or you could use 2ch setbody.


Note that with 2ch setbody, any npc you haven't set manually seems to default to underwear.



Ah, alright. Any recommendations?

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Really depends on your preference for bodytype. Easy way would be the setbody one, since that implements them all (or all I've ever seen and some), but that requires you to go zapping npcs you want to see with different bodies. Bonus is that they all have a distinct body.


For general replacers, HGEC tends to be popular, and has body type variations, although they will affect everyone the same way. Then you have Girl Next Door, Fantasy Figures, BaB, GUTS and whatnot. I think there's a listing of different bodytypes with examples or at least description on Hongfire, but I could remember wrong.

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