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Duration and time


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How can I manually change the scripted time that couples engage in sex in FP? I found the console command for FP on the forums here, but couldnt make sense of it or figure out how to use it in game. The highest setting scripted in to the Vinfamy control panel is 100 seconds, same with the base FP mod? I would like this time to be closer to 300 seconds with an option for 1500 seconds. The increments dont make any sense. 10 seconds? 20 seconds? 30 seconds? LoL, a player who wants actors having sex for 20 seconds isnt going to care that there are 9 other options for achieving the WORLD'S FASTEST BUST-A-NUT.


40 seconds! Wow, thats waaaay different than 30 seconds, ahhh perfect. :)   If I add another 10 seconds maybe I will have time to scratch the lower part of my balls for 2 seconds before having to move again, but probably not. The time it will take for my hand to traverse the upper region of my balls to the lower region of my balls will take too much time and the animation will probably be done by the time I feel the first instance of ball scratching relief. If only I had another 10 seconds for proper detailed ball scratching. . oh thank god, an option for 50 seconds instead of 40.



Seriously though, time durations for sex play should probably closer to something like



10 30 60 100  300 500 1500 3000



This way, you could have more than 3 couples having sex in a 50 person settlement without having to sprint around shooting things as fast as you can to force more animations. Im old, dont like running fast so much anymore, took an arrow to the knee a couple of Elder Scrolls back. Help meh plz. 



. . . and why would you even install the mod for 10 seconds of fuck duration. . . seriously. Get off the coke and smoke some weed for the love of god. 

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The duration is up to the individual mod creator really. Fourplay has a duration variable in the send to sex function (four-play:main four_play), so when we send NPCs or Player to the function to begin the sex scene, we also send a duration. So... you cannot get around it unless the mod creator specifically, as you've found, gives you a means to change the duration. And if they do and you dont like the lengths, you could either modify their MCM sliders to increase the max time, UNLESS they have clamping built into the mod which means it wont allow the variable to exceed a certain value (and some mods do this - I clamp certain variables in my mods, but not relating to duration).


So the thing of it is... you can see if a mod uses custom duration and either modify the MCM, if there is one and hope there isnt clamping OR if there isnt an MCM and you can find a global variable used for duration, well, you could in theory create your OWN MCM to control that duration....


Example, in RSE, I use a variable for Duration (var 5 in the send for sex routine). Duration here is NOT hard coded - it is fluid, based on a number of variables all added together to represent the player's sexual prowess and sexual endurance.


            Quest Main = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00002679, "four_play.esp") as quest
            ScriptObject four_play_script = Main.CastAs("four_play:Main")
            if four_play_script
                Var[] params = new Var[5]
                  params[0] = PlayerREF
                params[1] = Target
                params[2] = false
                params[3] = none
                params[4] = Duration
                four_play_script.CallFunction("four_play", params)


But yes, if you are trolling through someone's code looking where this could be modified, params[4] is what you will need to look at. That will show you if its a variable or a hard coded number. If its a variable, as in a GLOBAL variable, you can link an MCM slider to it to modify it to your hearts desire. If there isnt an MCM, youd obviously need to research how to make one.

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Now if you are talking about Autonomy, the variable is: Vin_Duration, which is a global variable. But there is no MCM, so you cannot alter it unless you have an MCM built to do so OR you use the lengths that Vin put into his Control Panel. No ways around this otherwise. Unless you uninstall his CP, if you have it installed and then use FO4Edit or the CK to change the Vin_Duration global variable from its default to some other number.


But you need to be aware that there are likely reasons why duration is shorter than longer. And this could be related to how many sex processes are running concurrently and system / script load. If you make this unreasonably high, like 3000 seconds, you risk CTDs.


I cant stop you from doing any of what Ive said is possible, so use your own best judgement. Personally, I think 240 is perfect (4 minutes) per coupling.


And I dont know why you'd need to run around a settlement and look at couples banging. There are no mods that take advantage of this (except mine, but it is new as of yesterday)...

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