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Sims 4 in general

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Normally I don't want to ask this and get picked apart but here goes,

* Please don't stamp this as request it was already been done but is it safe*

So Sims 4 you assume they have all stuff we experience in Sims 3 in Sims 4 however instead its like that lie when you buy a barbie doll must be assembled you have to buy those ridiculous clothing packs and car, horse blah blah if you get my feeling on that but with that as anyone remembers sims 3 had height ability.


Someone made it possible again would that break or corrupt the game? I am not sure its still there or not.



I tried really make height without this special mod I might try it later. But maybe give you guys maybe someone can make mod that someone worked on even special.


Alien modification, shortest man (no smaller then small people no offense intended, I think that be kobold wouldn't it.)


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