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Request help (first time modding) more hits per poison use in Concentrated poison


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I'm trying to do what should be a really simple first mod right, I set the prerequisite mods to concentrated poison when I make the 2nd rank.


Rank 1 of Concentrated Poison is set to know there's a 2nd rank, while the 2nd rank is set so that there's none after it (I want to make it down the road so I can get 4 or 5 hits per poison maybe).


I set the prerequisite level to 70 and Concentrated Poison, and the "set value" for "mod poison dose count" to 3.00.


I've tried setting the "Num ranks" to 2, or 1, doesn't seem to make a difference best I can tell, but maybe I should set it to 2?


However when I go in game, I buy the perk, I then poison my bow. I hit Faendal, he glows slightly green implying he's been poisoned. I then hit my dog, he grows a bit green, implying he's been poisoned, but the 3rd hit never shows the light green glow implying that no poison was on my weapon when I hit them.


I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong, I mean it feels like I set the whole thing up correctly so there should now be 3 hits off one poison instead of 2.


Here's a screenshot of it.



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