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Game of Thralls RP PVP 18+ (English-speaking Text-based RP) FRESH START


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You will be able to join and start as a clan, multiple people together (up to 5), but it must make sense lore- and RP wise.


What can you expect? Real Conflicts with Real Consequences. As it should be in the world of Conan.


Game of Thralls is a unique non-DMed Hardcore Rolepalying and PVP-Permadeath server allowing players a high degree of personal freedom within a very liberal ruleset. It first started as an experimental alternate lore server based on Game of Throne setting. Now, already having a core group of active players and some invaluable experience, we return to Conan lore to make server interesting to wider range of Rpers who prefer Conan universe. Conan lore resources are being adapted and verified specifically for the server to avoid contradictions and lacunas. We aim to implement all the numerous nations, cultures, religions and cults both into RP and gameplay.


We are seeking mature roleplayers that want an immersive experience where they can explore multiple facets of their characters and the conflicts within the world that surrounds them. The main goal is the combination of heavy immersive roleplaying and hardcore real-consequences conflict and ultimately PVP. ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is allowed and welcomed. The server is character driven. There will be no server wide story arc, the admins will not be dungeon mastering quests. Likewise, there will not be premade hubs unless the characters build it themselves.


What means Permadeath in our case? The server is first and foremost a RP server, but PVP has an important role as one of the story driving factors. In the case of PVP kill, the victor chooses the fate of the slain victim. This might lead to permanent death, but knock out, incapacitation, capture, being held for randsom or enslaved are also viable outcomes. Permanent death means a new character concept and re-roll. You can choose between starting at level 1 with full freedom to rejoin your previous clan (if it's RP appropriate), or regain 70% of your levels, but not be able to clan up with your previous clan mates for a full real-life week.


We use mods to help players experience maximum immersion, both improving the gameplay and providing more RP items. But first of all we want to maintain server stability and avoid wipes as much as possible. That's why we carefully pick mods based on a policy, considering the content it adds against quality of execution, appropriateness for lore and ability to enhance RP.


The modlist after wipe will be as follows:


No Bracelet

Sensible Brewing


Primal Armors

Conqueror Bronze Plate Armor

NPC Full Looting System

Stone Statues




Pippi - User & Server Management


The server is 40 slot with dedicated CPU core to ensure maximum performance. We will upgrade very quickly if we see capacity problems.


To find more information and apply visit our Enjin: https://gameofthralls.enjin.com/


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