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[Question] So, how are nude textures made?


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I've always been curious....

I'm not talking about the actual modding and implementation into games no, i'm wondering how nude textures are done.


I've looked around but no dice, I just find tutorials on installing and the like but no "How it's made" style guide on the skins themselves.


Are they really painted from scratch?


Do they somehow start out as scans from a real person, because the realistic ones are so well made like, vaginas are pretty complex and they always look on point in mods. Same with nipples.


So basically, can someone make/point me to a guide on the making of nude textures so we can all admire the dedication of the modding community and possibly make some ourselves?



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i think your Q is about art stuff (3d model type or Photoshop type program)  , and not about how it use in the game.


so if you want want to find a guide , first you should know what type of program you want.

basic there is 2 type of program to make texture which is , drawing program like photoshop or 3d model program like, maya ,3dmax,zbrush.


for drawing program is easy just draw over the uv map.

for 3d program which will be a bit complex.

find the program and you will able to find a guide.


to make a texture, nude or not.  there is many way , for me i just do it in zbrush a mix of real life photo  and drawing.

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