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Watersports and other Kink

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Hail all


Long time content user and lurker coming out of the shadows to say hello and give praise and thanks to those of you who make mods. You have truly enhanced my gaming experience and given me many hours of fun. So thank you.


This question goes out to all of those who make mods or have the knowledge.


I had an idea of how to possibly add in some watersport effects, maybe a hack way.The Sims game has water FX built into the engine for use with the ponds and fountains in the game world. Checkout this video titled: The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to make a Realistic Pond + Waterfall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4F35P_X0TE . In this tutorial, the modder uses another mod, The Studio Effect Player by Andrew's Studio, to place the water FX into the game world. In this video, http://sims4studio.com/post/43316, he uses the node to place the water FX into the game world. My thinking was that this node could be placed into the body of the character rig and triggered at the end of an animation. Maybe it could be equipped like with other things when the scene starts. The game also has inbuilt scaling functionality which should help with the size of the water flow.

Is this a possibility or am I just dreaming?If possible it would open up a way for other things like enemas and such. Anyway just an idea I had and wanted to put out there for those with the skills to think on.


Have Fun

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Visual effects are supposed to be able to be added in animations and Maxis does it themselves, but I've yet to successfully get it working in-game. I'm pretty positive it's something to do with WW's animation framework, because even if you copy an effect's data perfectly from a real Maxis animation. It will not show up.


Until this is fixed, don't expect this to ever be a reality.

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