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Racemenu Bodypaint/slavetats not showing


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The textures appear in the racemenu list, but they don't actually show on the body. Face hands and feet tattoos all work, but the body ones don't appear. I also get console spam with JSON errors such as:

[Error] Can't parse JSON file at 'DATA/TEXTURES/actors/character/slavetats/basic' at line 1:0 - '[' or '{' expected near end of file

I have the latest JContainers installed and slavetats/facepaint works, it's just that the body textures aren't showing. This leads me to believe it's an issue with the mesh?



I am using the SG female textures renewal.

I am using this body: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/68009-all-in-one-hdtskinnedmeshphysics-setup-20b-fomod/page-1


EDIT: I believe it has to be an issue with the body mesh. I used bodyslide to rebuild a temporary CBBE default body and that one showed the textures just fine. When I switched back to the conversion body from the link provided above the textures stopped showing.

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