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Akiro ENBthree beta - feedback please

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Hi peepses, i just recently started workin on my third enb after red and unred, one of my focal points is skin color and general lighting that makes your pretties pretty, so this may be of interest to some here - and i'm most interested in feedback!


my char is paler then pale, and i'm slowly playin thru the game while tweakin, so i might not face a lot of areas for a while, and lighting might affect different skin types very differently.


so please feel free to give it a try and gimme your feedback on anything that looks off!


please lemme know fore you forward this to any other site. i suggest using dark dungeons for enb (ice) with this.


oh and i included the code for enb 0.114, but i'd suggest stickin with 0.113 for now for stability and performance.





















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