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Guide To Enchanting in skyrim

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Guest Lady Luck



introduction : Enter the enchanted power


Welcome Mages of skyrim i believe you want to find a knowledge that's easy and quick to understand i try my best to explained few details some faqs out there are let's say confusing and not everybody able to keep up with it , before we start this small tutorial i need you to pay attention very carefully on how to master enchanting abilities.







Q: What do i need , when enchanting an item?

A: first disenchant original item you found or given by a npc or fallen monster, and then use disenchanted items with empty objects like weapons/armor/clothes or jewelry after that choose the enchantment ability to your liking and you can rename your enchantment item anything u want after that press "R" and it's good to go.


Q: What is enchanting?

A: If you a warrior and want to fight a dragon in skyrim you need enchanted sword a normal sword won't cut the scale of the dragon of course if we speak realism in slaying dragons, enchanting means it's tampering normal sword with magic add-on.





Basic " enchanting calculator"



Q: why does enchanting destroyed the items?

A: good question , when you tampered with the enchanted item's the remains of it's power will adsorb through the table eventually breaking the item that was originally enchanted it's a bit unorthodox method but it works.


Q: So my armor is legendary and i can't improved the armor got any ideas?


A: like i said many are confused of legendary smith ability , that's when the arcane smithing perk is useful , when you over-tampered your armor enchant it , and then reforged the armor back it should let you unlock it's full potential , however i don't tried it yet some friends of mine talked about it.


Q: is there a limit that i can mix and match enchanting?


A: yes , enchanting has it's own limit due to it's complications skyrim enchanting will only allow two enchantments at same time you cant add 3 enchanted powers otherwise it will experience some weird bug, unless you used skyrim kit creation.


Q: what is a benefit to enchantment?


A: benefit quick death , and a satisfying result go crazy mix fire with frost or , paralyzed with fear it's up to you and see how funny to look when people freeze, a real benefit here is enchantment will help you fight stronger enemy and let you have time to escape if you cant fight certain bandits, monsters or dragons.



Q: anything else i should know about enchantment?


A: At this time you already know the basics of it, it's up to you how to improve your enchantment ability remember numbers of effectiveness count in enchanting , other then that enjoy having enchantment weapons/armor, i hope i helped some of you who just getting started with skyrim.




Awosome skyrim enchanted weapons

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