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Dagi-Raht Khajiit race


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Posted with Nuska's permission, links to the Nexus page and mediafire mirror:






This mod adds a custom breed of Khajiit, the Dagi-Raht, known to originate from the southern Tenmar woods. As a breed they are thought to be magically inclined, using their feline instincts and their protective, vibrant colouring to hide themselves in plain sight. They make great thieves and illusionists.

The Dagi-Khajiit are completely Vanilla friendly - all necessary files are supplied. The Dagi are highly customisable to produce colourful and interesting looks and are compatible with all humanoid hairstyle mods.


Compatible with Vanilla, CBBE and UNP and all body mods using the texture UVs of the aforementioned.

CHSBHC users should use the CBBE compatibility textures.



Already featured on Mod Spotlight!
















-There is a neck seam. It's extraordinarily tough to completely remove due to normal map projection differences in the head and body and I'm constantly working on this.

-Some facial patterns are missing from both males and females but included in the files. This is due to an unexplained CK crash that happens and corrupts my working file whenever I attempt to add more. The patterns will be expanded as soon as this is resolved.

-The complexion slider does nothing. This is intentional.

-Male Dagi have options for facial hair that are direct duplicates of human ones. I aim to either work out a way to remove them altogether or eventually model replacing ones. For now I recommend not using them.

-Vampirism only changes eye colour to red for the time being.


Most of all, thank you for your patience and support in developing this mod. I'm doing all of the work on my own and it's a huge undertaking!



This mod was inspired by Khajiit Diversity (http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=mods.detail&id=5585) for good old Morrowind. Since Skyrim was a blast to the past in many ways regarding tone and theme, I wanted to continue the legacy.

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Guest Ainon

Hey guys, mod creator here!


I just released a major update with a renewed install structure, optional body patterns, fully fleshed-out support for major body mods and general improvements and tweaks.





Go give it a shot, it's full of saucy cats :)

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