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Mod that lets you give mercy to bandits?

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I've got a problem with my game that I can't seem to pin down to a particular mod. (I have close to 100 loaded)


Now any time I get into a battle with bandits or foresworn they won't die. Sometimes they are invulnerable, sometime they go to a knee and recharge, and sometimes they go to a knee and I can talk to them. They'll say "Don't kill me" and I can reply that If I let them live, their lives are mine. If they do one of the first two I have to quit the fight because it's hopeless.


This has pretty much broken my game and I can't figure out which mod did it. I suspected the slavery mod but disabling it with NMM didn't fix it.


Anyone familiar with the mod that does this?

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I remember I used either that mod you linked or a similar one, and it caused invulnerability and some issues with followers running away. The mod itself seems pretty stable, but causes incompatibilities when used in conjunction with other mods (I don't know which ones exactly).


That's just my personal experience and I ended up getting rid of the Mercy mod because of the issues. Also, I had to do some console commands to force my save game back to the way it was before the mod because the changes it made were saved into the save file itself. >_< You might have to do that if you chose to get rid of the mod, or start a new game without the mod.


Good luck.

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I don't have that mod loaded. It's just one I went looking for to see if it were possibly installed along with another mod.


I seemed to have found a workaround by going back to a save about 5 levels and several days before I installed the latest mods, which were very complex and detailed quest mods. I can't help but think one of them was the culprit, but I don't know how or which.

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For those who may come across this thread and may be dissuaded from installing the Mercy mod, I thought I should mention that I've had the Mercy mod installed for months and used in conjunction with a variety of other mods.


It's been my own experience that I've never encountered an NPC that was made invulnerable by it, nor did it make any of my followers flee for no reason.

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