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Tagging and naming your requests, official guide

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please use some naming convention when requesting something.

I try to alter the names to facilitate people to provide answers, but of course, I cannot do it full time.


Add some codes in your title:


[REQUEST]     -> Can anybody do this for me?

[sEARCH]       -> I am looking for something

[WHAT IS?]     -> I got this picture, do you know the mod?

[iDEA]             -> Not really a request, I just had this wonderful idea, let me know what do you think.

[QUESTION]    -> I have a generic question (like: is this possible?)

[sOLVED]        -> If you receive an answer, then add this to the name, will facilitate people to find closed threads.

[sOLUTION]    -> Solution provided by somebody for the general public, not originated by a search or a request.

[FAQ]               -> Frequently Asked Question (used to mark the most common questions.)



You can use the same conventions for tags if you like.


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