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Daughters of Ares compatible armors

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Hello gentlemen,


my question is what armors work with this race mod. By that i mean actually show the robotic textures and glow.


Here are the ones i already know of:


Some exclent conversions by Dingenskirchen:

Ghost Varaiants

New Vegas Clothes

T6M Jeans Outfit

Shades XI warrior

T6M Princess

Black Mountain Thug

Mercanary Wandrer

Trouble Maker


DetectiveToaster also converted two armors of the T6M replacers

Gecko Leather Armor

Class Outfit


ALso there is an optional DoA patch for the

T6M Combat uniform


Also great repect to those people who take so much time out of their day to do these mods and conversions.

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Unfortunately, minus a few that are still kicking around on Nexus, I'm not sure anything more recent will be appearing for a while. By what I hear, the original DoA maker and the maker of Ares Project had a minor dispute of some kind, which led to drama, which led to DoA being removed from Nexus and basically the maker doing minor ragequit. Luckily you can still locate the final DoA version on the web, however that naturally makes it rarer.


I heard ages ago that the original Ares Project person was slowly working on Ares stuff for FO4 though, but I've not seen/heard a lot of it minus the other synth-like player getting made on LoversLab here.

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