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Need help downloading mod from 3dmgame


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I don't know about their 'read permission' system either. Google translate told me this post required  '20 read permission', right next to the topic title.


Thank you for doing this for me.


i was curious also (it doesn't work this way haha , i posted 20). anyway it seems like u have the answer above :)

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Timmy already shared the mods from that link here.


Guess your account is below lv.4.

To achieve it you'll need 30 points. and there're many methods to get them.

The most simple: You gain 1 point per 10 jinyuans. Each reply gives 10 jinyuans.


Btw, mine is lv.9 with RP=90. But, I see no much reasons to go beyond lv.8, as the maximum RP for commoners is indeed 90.

The only good point I see is that now I can post a reply every 10 seconds.

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