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Adult Dwarf fortress


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i noticed in adventure mode when you create a character there is a lust "slider" but I don't think there is any actual way for you character to engage in "sex" (well, text described sex). And I thought it would be really neat if there was a mod that allowed the player to engage in sex and sexual activities. And since this is a Role playing-ish game maybe there could also be advanced dialogue option revolving around sex. And for the combat system, maybe a rape function (that is based off of assuming a submissive posture) could be added. And a mod like this shouldn't be too hard to make, I mean,you already have "unknown substance" ;D *wink-wink**nudge-nudge*.


Also because there is basically " sex" already in DF mode this mod would be aiming for adventure mode

I would pay to see a mod like this made.


I really hope this topic gets answered

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There used to be a couple mods out in the ether that also made things like tits, dicks, pussies and asses have descriptions and functions but I don't know what happened to it. I honestly hope there's something out there for what you're asking for too. We need a modder or two to get into DF. Still has a lot of potential.

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Here's the mod I was talking about earlier: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=6439 


It's old and hasn't been updated in years but has some potential I think. If any modders here want to take a look at it and see what they can do I'd be more than happy to play test it. Suck at modding myself.

 I saw that to before I made this topic but I saw it was outdated. well... I glad I'm not the only one with the Idea!


I tested it with an older version of the game but it didn't work

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haven't played DF since I started following Boatmurdered back in.... what, 08? I dont think there will ever be adult mods on par with what you are expecting, and you already posted the only one I tried.


Also, realize for a second that the game also has babby dwarfs and that could cause some unfortunate implications if the modder doesn't completely block entities with a child flag from doing the deed. Let alone imagine what your game could end up being if it did go the way of Boatmurdered or any of the other gone horribly right LP's, or in general what happens regardless of all the planning you do for your Fort.


but I for one would love the ability to get a Cutebold waifu or Husbando, even if I had to use a filthy tile set.

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