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Looking For Dark Ambient Music Mod

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I'm looking for a mod that used to be on modgames, it was called "Dark Ambient for Fallout New Vegas". It was a music overhaul pack and it sounded GREAT. The original upload was deleted on Yandex and now I don't think there's any other place to get it, below is a screenshot of the mod page (the links lead to the deleted yandex page). One of the songs in the mod had been The Core Of Hell by Desiderii Marginis. If any of you had the mod and could reup I'd be grateful


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I don't know about that particular mod, but there is a musician called Lustmord ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lustmord ) - very creepy stuff, I just put like 6 hours of it into vlc and tell fallout to only play sound effects. Or you could copy them into the directory with the music played on the radio stations - change the new music filenames so they're identical to what the game expects and fallout's various radio stations will play anything you want. 

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