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Nude NPC Issue?

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So I've been working on a mod in the CK that changes the leveled lists of creatures, insects, and mutants into raiders, because well let's face it, raiders are more fun to head-shot.


But I've run into a problem, it seems like any leveled list of an NPC that spawns via furniture ends up being naked, ala radroaches,molerats and radscorpions.

I've asked everywhere but no one has an answer, guess i need a game Dev's help with this one. When i replace anything else they seem t work normally.



My raiders are naked when i put them inside of a radroach leveled list as a replacement. PLEASE HELP


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When you say "via furniture", do you mean that you're using furniture as a trigger?  Not sure what you mean there.  Are you just changing the lists, and nothing else?  The normal way to create a leveled encounter is to create your leveled list, and then create an actor with that leveled list as its template.  Then place the actor in the world.  Are you seeing someplace that it has been done differently?


If it's just with one particular leveled list, you might want to just re-create the list and see if that fixes the problem.  I hope this helps!

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Its fine i figured it out, you need to do (Search and replace) all of the records containing radroaches, this goes the same for all creatures you want to replace. Make sure to replace the ambush, enc, and lvl records for all of that type. It doesnt break the game either since you arent deleting anything you are simply replacing all ingame records with other ones. I personally used LVLRaiderAggro1200 to replace all of my radroach records and it works fine now they are fully clothed.

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