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As someone who never paid much attention to Bodyslide ...


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I've been using 7B ever since it came out, and was using UNPB before it. As such I never really got into CBBE and Bodyslide. However now with UUNP (I've been away from modding for a while), I was thinking :


Is there anything to gain (or lose) from getting UUNP and setting it to the 7B preset (that's possible, right?), allowing me to use both 7B armors as well as any UUNP-compatible armor without having my body shape change?

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You won't lose anything, you will gain an HDT lady parts, that is if you wanna set that up, though its not all that hard. And yes, everything should be compatible. The fun thing about having it in bodyslide is that you can tweak your favorite body to be something even more custom to your liking, if you are so inclined. So yea.. its pretty cool all in all :) 



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