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Belly scaling problem


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I have a problem with the belly of my character, I use uunp hdt as body without hdt belly and so when my character is pregnant belly seems to have an abnormal shape. As seems to be a sharp on the edges can belly then it must have a well rounded shape, so I do not understand exactly why it's like that :(
If someone can help me
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So obviously it isn't loading properly. I personally use CBBE and it works a little better for me, but to fix your problem I'd first ask to see your load order, and ask if you are using XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended. It would also help to know if you installed the mod manually or if you did it through a manager (if so state which one)


I would also look into the mods that are causing your character to become pregnant as they usually have a belly scaling option. It's a stretch but by changing some of those options that may provide a very simple fix to your problem, but overall I'm thinking it's probably something wrong with your files.


PS: When in doubt run LOOT.

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