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Fps drop in certain areas

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Hi guys, first of all: If you have to say stupid things like "it's normal" "try to reduce shadow", please go away. Sorry for my english but I'm italian.

I have a gtx 780 and I'm running a Realvision performance version with elo. I was using elfx before but the problem is the same.


(I don't have this problem without enb, but I don't want to unistall it beacause there must be a fix, that's not normal)


I have 60 fps indoors and outdoors, but I go down to 20/40 in certain areas, like looking on a wall in Windhelm, looking to the market of whiterun (from breezehome), looking to breezhome from the market (and I have 60 when I'm am at the center of the market and I look to the ships), when I look at the sun of blackreach and when I look to riverwood from the door where you arrive at the start from the game, and others. Please don't tell me "It's normal", no. Absolutely not. There must be something that make conflict with the enb, any particle or I don't know what. 


For example, I have fps drop when I look at the cemetery of windhelm from the top of the stairs, near the wall in front of the stairs. I tried to remove candles and any lantern with jaxonz positioner, but nothing. I tried to remove the terrain and go down and I have the same drop  when I look at the air.

So, I think that there is any obejct that makes my fps drop and slow to load it.


The bigger fps drop is in breezehom (I use raven's breezehome mod) and I go down to 20 looking at the out of the bedroom and looking at the stairs, but nothing when I look at the kitchen for example. I noticed a thing but the way, in breezehome I have a lot of light bugs, for example, in any places I see dark light and if I go ahead just a bit I see to much more lights. 


Last thing, I use whiterun's outside market mod and when I look at the market from the top of the road my fps goes down to 30 but if I look to it from near the khajit's tends I have 60 fps.


Any ideas? If I play without enb and just with elfx and elo I don't have this problems. How can I fix this?

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It's usually lighting related, I'm also using RealVision and I have a gtx 980 ti, and I still get frame drops under certain lighting conditions, the biggest hit for me is if I draw my sword and it's enchanted and has a light effect, in some dungeons it can go from a steady 60fps down to less than 10, but in others it either never drops, or only drops to 50 which is acceptable.


I use Ultra settings, lots of HD texture mods and I always hope I don't get a performance hit, but there's usually one or two places where I have to use a different sword or switch to my bow if I want to keep the framerate high.


As for not having the problem when you don't run an enb, that's not really surprising, most enb's DO come with a performance hit, the ones that claim to give good performance even on lower powered computers usually do so by keeping the tweaks to a very low level, and often have lower quality graphical improvements than simply running some decent visual enhancement and lighting mods  like Purity.


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