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[Brain storm] Complicated and Interesting Sex Scenes


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First of all, English is not my native language so you might see all kinds of mistakes in thread. I'm very sorry of that



I begin to plan for a quest based brothel mod recently, basically like a combination of "Animal Masion" and "Radiant Prostitution" of Skyrim. When I played these mods I often get those daily quest like "Home deliveries" which ask the character run to some point, have sex with someone, and get back. These simple sex quests are realy boring.


So I tried to think of some sex scenes which are complicated and interesting, and write them down for sharing and ask for discussion


Acroding to the experence of SL of Skyrim, I think SexTec will have similar limits such as not support 5P scene and human/beast mixed sex scene. And scenes that depend on special action/position are not recomanded.



A:Group Sex Scene


1,Sex fight: 2 female, 2 male


This is a small competition between the male.


Stage 1: each female have sex with the male, one of the 2 group will be the winner

Stage 2a: the winner male have sex with the 2 females (if the PC wins)

Stage 2b :the losser female have sex with the 2 males (if the PC loses)

Stage 3: all of the 4 people have a group sex.



2,Sex war: 4 female, 4 male


This is a big competition between the male and female.


Stage 1: each female have sex with a male, two of the females will lose.

Stage 2: the loser have lesbian sex with each other while each of the winner sex with 2 male, one of the female and male win the competion

Stage 3: the male winner sex with 3 female loser , and the female winner sex with the 3 male loser



3,Tough guy:3 female 1 male


The strongest human or maybe supermutant


Stage 1: the male sex with 1 female while the rest 2 female play lesbian

Stage 2: the male sex with the 2 female while the first female have a rest

Stage 3: the male sex with all 3 females



4,Late for work:4 female 4 male


You and your partners went to a party, but one of you was late


Stage 1: 2 of the eariler female sex with 2 male, while the last female wait for you to come

Stage 2: the latecomer have to sex with 3 males as a punishment, and the rest 4 people have a group sex

Stage 3: Now every male has a female so the party begin (maybe 2 groups of normal sex with one group of 4P)



B:Beast Sex Scene


under progress...

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