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Blue Mage in Skyrim - Mod Request/Suggestion


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One thing came to mind as of late, and that was; What if you played Skyrim as a Blue Mage?


Blue Mage in the sense of Final Fantasy, where you would absorb/learn one or more spells from an enemy.


With all the current mods out there, it surprises me that this has not become a mod yet, and I am curious if anyone else likes the idea.


Some mechanics of it would possibly be absorbing and learning a spell you are hit with, or using a special spell, skill, or perk that would allow you to learn one or more spells that an enemy has at their disposal, or the possibility of using a "consume" function on an enemy like Quina in FFIX, where s/he would eat the enemy and learn a spell from them.


I am not capable of making mods, and getting the idea out there seemed like a good thing to do.

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