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Pixelated Shadows

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I've read a few things via google about this issue, but a lot seem to do with the edges being pixelated, not the actual shadow itself.


My issue is the actual shadow being pixelated.








You can see around the neck area, the shadow itself is rather pixelated. Using High or Ultra settings doesn't seem to fix this issue any. Tried disabling GodRays as that was something that was mentioned, but no change there either. Tried TAA and FXAA no change there.


No matter what I do I just can't get rid of that weird pixelated shadow. Any help would be appreciated in fixing this issue.


(on a site note, this picture made me realize my eyebrows look weird and my lips look off, so there is that lol)

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That was it, didn't even think of checking that.


Seems with SSAO I get those pixelated shadows, with HBAO+ it cleans it up, but my shadows are less prominent and not too noticeable. And disabling it, I have like no shadows.


Eh, guess I'll use HBAO+ for awhile. See how it does after further use.



Thanks for the information. Really appreciate it. :)

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