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Help with combining various Vampire Lord Mods

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So I've been trying to combine the wings from Grimoa's Vampire Lord, Larger Vampire Lord Wings, and Mighty Beasts. I've managed to get Mighty Beasts and Larger VL Wings working together by swapping the wing branches from the skeleton.nif's. I've used 3ds Max to combine MB with GVL but when I export and test in game I end up with this....



Anyone have any idea how to fix this?


I do know that the purple means that there is no texture which will be fixed once I sort this out.

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Edit the NIF file with NIFSkope, check the textures, and be sure they point to a file that actually exists.

 Yeah I haven't gotten the textures situated yet, which isn't too complicated even for me lol. How would I go about fixing the issue with the wings looking so weird though. It looks like they're attached to the wrong bone node, but I don't know how to fix it.

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