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Creature companion no dialogue help

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I made a follower out of a creature in Creation Kit (trying to learn it more) and its exactly where I placed him and everything. But when I try to talk/activate there is nothing there as in when I point at it there is no (E)Talk or no dialogue. Any ideas where I goofed up? Posted this on nexus and didn't get a reply hoping I can have some luck here

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Thank you very much CPU that got the (E)Talk to come up when looking at him. Now my new issue when I talk to him nothing happens or the scene doesn't work


Dunno if these scrips aren't working or what 


Recruit - FollowersScript.GetScript().SetCompanion(Jimmy.GetActorReference())
Dismiss - FollowersScript.GetScript().DismissCompanion(Jimmy.GetActorReference())
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Probably a missing property.


I think "Jimmy" is a ReferenceAlias.

While the function SetCompanion() requires an actor.


Try to add a property in your script like:

Actor property JimmyRef Auto

Use it in the function ... SetCompanion(JimmyRef)


And remember to fill the property with the actor.


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Sorry I am a little ignorant with the CK right now first major time learning it. His full name is JimmyTheCrab I made him from a mirelurk spawn and it uses the radroach race heres how the scrips really look


Under Papyrus Fragment:


Index: 10



Index: 20


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These script fragments are fragments of what?

A Topic Info? A package? An Actor?


Do they compile? Probably not.


Without better understanding where this code is is hard to give real help, except the usual recommendations: Define and Set the Properties of the script.


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So probably they are a quest fragment.


OK, go to the last tab of the quest, you will find the script.

Be sure inside the script the properties are defined and set with the values (the Actor or the ReferenceAlias)

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