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factions brainstorming


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So I couldn't find anywhere else a way to check what factions an npc is in, and wanted to know what ideas someone might have for a possible way to check? Using mods that adds you to faction can cause bugs, and because it does it through scripts, it is often very hard to find out what faction you might have been added to, because the creation kit doesn't say. So I was hoping someone more insightful than me could help me find a way to check what factions an npc is in in-game through a script or console command. So far the best I could find was using a bat file to add a npc to every faction and seeing which ones it returns as saying they were already in. Unfortunately, I use such a massive load order that this would be very unpracticle, possibly even impossible since there is a limit to how far up you can scroll the console log.

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