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Devious Devices - Some work, most crash

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Hello fellow LL players and enjoyers! Clandenas here. I'm having a bit of an issue with the Devious Devices mods.I can run Devious Devices Assets and Integration, but any other Devious mod (For the Masses, Interactions, Deviants, even DD Expansion... etc) causes a CTD after the Bethesda logo. I'm not sure what I'm missing or if I'm just having a blind eye. If you need more information to help me, please tell me what I need to do (I'm not very tech savvy so I'll probably need an in depth guide to what to do)


I apologize if this has been answered and if it has, a redirect would be splendid!


Thank you for your time and happy hunting!

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Guest Flobalob

You need to have all the requirements for these mods installed first and there are many.

Nexus Mod Manager should tell you if any required mods are missing by highlighting them in red.

It also helps to install and run LOOT to sort the mods into the right load order. LOOT is a

Load Order Optimisation Tool you can find it easily by googling.

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