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Hoping for a mix between Stardew valley and Breeding season


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So I was playing Stardew Valley today and installed a few mods, one of which changed all the farm animals into cute monster girls. This got me thinking, how awesome wouldn't it be to have a combination of Stardew valley's customization and atmosphere and Breeding seasons, well, breeding.

Having like your own plot of land where you walk around, your monsters directly visible in game instead of chunky boring and flat out poorly animated sex scenes.

If anyone with some the skills to make a game but no inspirations sees this please make this, I bet it'll be massively popular!

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Yeah, I noticed the mod myself ereyesterday and was not surprised it was Japanese in the making - the comments were grand at pointing that out.


I don't have the skills for this. But maybe one could create a sprite sex animation, and then replace it with for example the daily kissing animation with your wife, and/or the milking animation with some of the animals.


This, together with some text overlay could be a fine start I would recon.


Here's a link to anyone interested in the current Monster Girl mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/341/?

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