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Problem with Werewolve Texture (bug I think)


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Good evening. So, I have an issue with my werewolves.
Basically, the texture goes all over the place, NPC & Player werewolves. 


I've attached my modlist/load order, and images of the bug.


Anyone knows how to fix this?


I'm using Mighty Beasts, More Nasty Critters, Schlongs of Skyrim... and hopefully all their prereqs.


This is my second clean install for all mods, and this problem is recurring since last time.


I'm not quite sure what is the problem.





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Ok mm...some things i see:


- I think you no longer need nude creatures. More nasty creatures (and all in one animated pussy) will provide nude suits for every creature

- Move XP32 Skeleton lower so nothing overwrites it

- Move "All in one animated pussy" lower than mighty creatures (only if you choosed more nasty creature replacer during the fomod installer) so the textures and meshes are from this mod. When going back to game if your head texture doesnt match body texture then you need to manually delete the files: werewolfhead.dds, werewolfhead_n.dds and werewolfhead_sk.dds from the "All in one animated pussy" mod.

- Creature framework 1.0.4 is marked like completely overwriten by other mod (redundant) meaning that when you installed More Nasty Creatures you also included Creature Framework. I do not recall the CF version MNC comes with, but you might aswell update to the newest one (1.1) and reinstall MNC but do not choose Creature Framework

- JContainers similar deal than the last point. MNC comes with the option to install JContainers tho i belive it does not have the latest version included

- I do not see Unofficial Patches

- I do not see FNIS output (tho i 'd guess you do have it else all toons would be in T-pose). May be is what you had in "overwrite" at the moment of the picture?


Ok, i gave you plenty. Try these and tell us how it goes   :)



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