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Skyrim CTD in a weird way.

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Hello yesterday skyrim was working perfectly. But i installed "PS Universal PC NPC body changer"  and "Outlandish Stalhrim" (i have installed and uninstalled both mods before without consequences many times) and at the same time i was installing "The Witcher Enhanced Version Director's Cut" from GOG, then suddenly Skyrim started CTD with every save game load, and i mean all of them i have 10 characters and some saves are months old.


I tested a lot disabling mods, and realized that disabling "Silverpeak.esp" lets me load my saves, but it still crashes when i go through doors. I have AS-LAL and i can start a new game no problem, but when i sleep and start the game it crashes.


I can provide papyrus logs and SKSE logs but i can't understand them.


Please i need help, i can't play skyrim all of a sudden after hours of testing and modding. I am even thinking about re installing windows and skyrim altogether but i modified lots of my mod files including .esps and other files.


Thank you.



I disabled most of my plugins, leaving only the 3 DLCs with their respective unofficial patches, SkyUi, Racemenu and AS-LAL. New games still crash after i select and begin my selection. So apaprently is not a plugin or script problem, but a file or software issue maybe? 

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