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f4se Windows 7 not working.

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So a couple days ago i went back to windows 7 from 10. While i was using windows 10 f4se was working just fine. Now that i have everything up and working on windows 7 f4se refuses to start. 


After about 10 or so seconds after starting f4se it does nothing. 


Im getting this warning from the log.


WARNING: something has started the runtime outside of f4se_loader's control.
F4SE will probably not function correctly.
Try running f4se_loader as an administrator, or check for conflicts with a virus scanner.
Iv disabled any and all other programs, virus scanners and have also tried reinstalling Fallout4 to a new steam library on another drive. 
I'm using windows 7 ultimate and at this point im thinking of changing back to windows 10 if i can't get this working.
Iv run it in admin mode, i uninstalled all mods. I'm running a clean install, I'm not using the beta patch either. 
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Turns out it was something in windows 7. I was using windows 7 pro before and something was stopping f4se from starting. Its probably because the current f4se is an early build. Anyway fixed it by switching back to win 10.

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