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help cdt dmp


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hi i dont understand that

0588e2ec 8b482c mov ecx,dword ptr [eax+2Ch]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)
ExceptionAddress: 0588e2ec (hdtPhysicsExtensions+0x0015e2ec)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 2
Parameter[0]: 00000000
Parameter[1]: 0000002c
Attempt to read from address 0000002c


start end module name
00240000 00256000 XINPUT1_3 XINPUT1_3.dll
00400000 01d88000 TESV TESV.exe
04040000 04942000 d3d9orig d3d9orig.dll
05730000 062f0000 hdtPhysicsExtensions hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll
07390000 075bb000 JContainers JContainers.dll
0f2d0000 0f33e000 ShapeAtlasForMen ShapeAtlasForMen.dll
0f370000 0f3d9000 SchlongsOfSkyrim SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll
0f630000 0f73d000 GrimyTools GrimyTools.dll
0f7e0000 0f8ce000 StorageUtil StorageUtil.dll
0f960000 0fa36000 msvcr110 msvcr110.dll
0fdd0000 0fea1000 nioverride nioverride.dll
0fee0000 0ff72000 SexLabUtil SexLabUtil.dll
10000000 10047000 binkw32 binkw32.dll
3b400000 3b41e000 steam_api steam_api.dll
50020000 500a5000 msvcp110 msvcp110.dll
500b0000 502af000 D3DX9_43 D3DX9_43.dll
502b0000 502d2000 SafetyLoad SafetyLoad.dll
502e0000 50329000 hdtHighHeelNative hdtHighHeelNative.dll
50330000 50397000 FirstPersonPlugin FirstPersonPlugin.dll
503a0000 504a1000 DeviousDevices DeviousDevices.dll
57eb0000 57ee5000 Fuz_Ro_D_oh Fuz Ro D'oh.dll
57ef0000 57f86000 chargen chargen.dll
57f90000 57fd1000 AddItemMenu AddItemMenu.dll
57fe0000 581c5000 D3DX9_42 D3DX9_42.dll
58e80000 592ca000 D3DX9_40 D3DX9_40.dll
59cb0000 59cd3000 MemoryBlocksLog MemoryBlocksLog.dll
59ce0000 59dc5000 skse_1_9_32 skse_1_9_32.dll
5a470000 5a491000 d3d9 d3d9.dll
5a5e0000 5a62d000 fraps32 fraps32.dll
5a630000 5a660000 dinput8 dinput8.dll
5a790000 5a7ab000 PubicMeshColor PubicMeshColor.dll
5c950000 5c95f000 hdtSkyrimMemPatch hdtSkyrimMemPatch.dll
5c9a0000 5ca12000 dsound dsound.dll
5ce90000 5ce93000 api_ms_win_core_synch_l1_2_0 api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.DLL
5ced0000 5cf33000 d3dref9 d3dref9.dll
5ff10000 60061000 nvspcap nvspcap.dll
637a0000 637a7000 X3DAudio1_7 X3DAudio1_7.dll
637b0000 637e9000 MMDevAPI MMDevAPI.dll
63a50000 647c4000 nvd3dum nvd3dum.dll
649e0000 64a05000 powrprof powrprof.dll
6baa0000 6baa7000 wsock32 wsock32.dll
6c450000 6c545000 propsys propsys.dll
6c630000 6c6b4000 comctl32 comctl32.dll
6c8b0000 6c8b7000 avrt avrt.dll
6d480000 6d50e000 XAudio2_6 XAudio2_6.dll
6e230000 6e262000 winmm winmm.dll
6e460000 6e623000 d3d9_6e460000 d3d9.dll
6ebe0000 6ec16000 AudioSes AudioSes.dll
70f70000 70f76000 d3d8thk d3d8thk.dll
71490000 714a3000 dwmapi dwmapi.dll
71520000 71532000 enbhelper enbhelper.dll
71af0000 71b3c000 apphelp apphelp.dll
71c60000 71ce0000 uxtheme uxtheme.dll
71df0000 71df9000 hid hid.dll
724d0000 7251f000 webio webio.dll
72520000 72578000 winhttp winhttp.dll
72630000 72639000 version version.dll
72810000 72b59000 nvapi nvapi.dll
73c20000 73d0b000 dbghelp dbghelp.dll
74da0000 74dac000 CRYPTBASE CRYPTBASE.dll
74db0000 74e10000 sspicli sspicli.dll
74e20000 74e32000 devobj devobj.dll
74e40000 74e67000 cfgmgr32 cfgmgr32.dll
74e70000 74ed0000 imm32 imm32.dll
74ed0000 7506d000 setupapi setupapi.dll
75070000 750eb000 comdlg32 comdlg32.dll
75100000 75190000 gdi32 gdi32.dll
75190000 751a9000 sechost sechost.dll
751b0000 7524d000 usp10 usp10.dll
752b0000 7533f000 oleaut32 oleaut32.dll
75370000 75376000 nsi nsi.dll
75380000 753af000 wintrust wintrust.dll
753b0000 7550d000 ole32 ole32.dll
75510000 75557000 KERNELBASE KERNELBASE.dll
75570000 75691000 crypt32 crypt32.dll
756b0000 762fb000 shell32 shell32.dll
76300000 76305000 psapi psapi.dll
76600000 7660c000 msasn1 msasn1.dll
76610000 76645000 ws2_32 ws2_32.dll
76650000 7671c000 msctf msctf.dll
76780000 7678b000 profapi profapi.dll
76af0000 76be0000 rpcrt4 rpcrt4.dll
76bf0000 76d00000 kernel32 kernel32.dll
76d00000 76d83000 clbcatq clbcatq.dll
76da0000 76e41000 advapi32 advapi32.dll
76e50000 76f50000 user32 user32.dll
76f50000 76ffc000 msvcrt msvcrt.dll
77000000 77057000 shlwapi shlwapi.dll
77430000 7743a000 lpk lpk.dll
77460000 775e0000 ntdll ntdll.dll
77610000 7764c000 MfgConsole MfgConsole.dll




please help me ... thank you guy skyrim is very so much becauseof you thank you for you answer...

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