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Vampire Lord - New wings causing visual bugs


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Hello everyone,


I must say I do enjoy mods that change Vampire Lord's appearance. The new wings by Grimoa are definitely one of my absolute favourites. Sadly, the new wings come with a visual bug that makes the vampire lord turn black instead of disintegrating when using the Bats power as in the vanilla game. Using the Mist Form power, on the other hand, turns him semi-transparent.


I have searched the Nexus thoroughly and found that one modder, that I sadly have no contact with, was able to resolve the issue via Nifskope but was unwillimg to share it unless the author of the mod gave him permission, which unfortunately never happened since she is away from nexus now... sad.gif


Here is what I gathered from his findings:

i fixed the problem myself and redid all meshes, and the problem was in the NiControllerManager linking some sequences wrong which in return returned nil once the SubGraph command was trying to set a float on them which is a blend float, changing the blend properties of a NiAlphaProperty inside the .nif file


He even sent one user a more-less detailed instructions on how to achieve that:

What you need to do to fix the files is deleting the NiAlphaProperty from one NiTriShape by selecting Remove and then deleting the leftover node called BSNiAlphaPropertyTestRefController by selecting Remove Branch, repeat those steps for the NiControllerManager, after you did that open the original nif files of the vampire lord (Armor or Body) and expand a NiTriShape, highlight the the NiAlphaProperty and in the lower part were it says "Name", click on the txt sign and give the node a name, after that copy this NiAlphaProperty to every NiTriShape in the moded file (The Property should be expandable with some sub nodes, the eyes don't have those subnodes, so no changes are needed for the eyes), after that do the same thing for the NiControllerManager, just copy it over and it should be fixed. The only problem i had was doing those steps for the vampire lord king armor since the structure is kinda different so i took the normal naked bodys Alpha Propertys and controller manager and copied those over.


I have tried following the instructions myself, but, unfortunately in-game there was no real change. The only thing I did achieve was making the membrane from the VL'wings disappear.


I would be very grateful if anyone familiar with Nifskope enough helped me to resolve the issue. Surely, I could kinda go on without the fix, however, being a modder it bugs me that despite all the information that bug still remains unfixed...


Thank You in advance for any assistance.

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