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Immersive Monster Girls Development (Need Help with CK!)


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Hello everyone, I'm the author of Immersive Monsters Girls COC and I need you help with developing the mod. I created this thread because I feel like it would be appropriate not to spam on my mod page. So development have been slow but progressive. Unfortunately, I learned CK as I develop the mod since I'm in fact a total noob modder. I'm fully committed to the mod and with your help, Monster Girls COC will become a reality. I have plenty of plans to expand the current stages (I've been coming up with a lot of unpublished ideas).


Here are the problems I'm having trouble currently.



I'm trying to make a the custom Spriggan race I'm creating using female body and head for both male and female. The female looks fine, unfortunately, when I changed the face to male, it stretches it like an ape.

What it looks like now (male):

What it should look like (female):


I'm trying add vanilla dead thrall voice to my custom npcs, I cant figure out how. 



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