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Survival Mode?

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Soooo....I started a totally fresh new game, made a new face all that stuff, set difficulty to Survival and was expecting...yanno...survival mode.


What I have is just a basic game of FO4 on Survival difficulty. Theres no blocking my fast travel or hunger/thirst/sleep restrictions...nada.


Is this mode stupidly set up to require you to run no mods to use it? I've been typing "How to enable FO4 Survival mode" in google and I get nothing back but high SEO articles that are about Survival Mode before it was released from beta.


Am I just missing something stupidly obvious here or do I literally have to run the game stock vanilla to use the survival mode update?

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Okay NM you have to use the launcher to get the Survival Mode options, using the f4se launcher doesn't do it. But my Fallout CTD's instantly when I try without f4se so now I guess I have to figure out how to enable f4se when launching the game through the launcher.

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That sounds like an out of date mod.


Bear in mind that if you had mods installed before now that your going to deactivate them and reactivate them to force NMM to refresh your Pluggins.TXT

If you've been away for a while chances are you have mods that were forced to update with the version changes especially V1.5 come to think of it.

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Then download Nexus Mod Manager which is up to date now to enable mods.

Do not also use mods on Bethnet might cause issues as it will then try to manage your mods also.


Mod Organizer might be out check that out too.

i wouldnt trust the fallout 4 version of mod organiser cuz when i installed it it gave me a virus

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Guest endgameaddiction

You mean your AV flagged it as a virus. Mod Organizer (not Mod Organizer 2) did that for me but it was a false. So it's either your AV acting like it's a virus, or you downloaded Mod Organizer 2 from some other site which no one would recommend.

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I'm confused about this post. I have 1.5 Survival mode running. I also have mods turned on. I had to do a little hacking, but honestly not that much. Your technique of "google for it" would show you at least 3 ways to turn on mods with survival mode, but not a single one about how to run it with F4SE or Enable it somehow in game... because it shouldn't require that.


In your list of symptoms, you can't run Survival mode, Can't run f4se with survival mode, but it works with the launcher? I've literally never heard of this problem anywhere, which is likely why you're not finding any help, anywhere. All the help out there is for a different problem that they can't use mods or saves or fast travel and want them reenabled, not the other way around.

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