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Need assistance with changing slot numbers or armor tags

Amber Fletcher

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I'm using parasite armor from the Falmer Bikini Armor mod on my character for Skyrim, but it seems to clash with many body slots for some reason, even though it's showing as body in my inventory, if I equip a circlet it unequips it, would love to be able to mix and match it with more armor choices, even if I have to make a "plugin" with creation kit for it to only be flagged with 1 armor slot/tag, btw don't mind if it clips either, if that's what someone will say as for why it's tagged like it is :P

Incase any of you're wondering which one I mean, it'd be this one


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What slot does it currently occupy? It's a fairly straightforward process to change slot numbers using TES5Edit or Creation Kit and NifSkope. Don't know what experience you have so don't want to appear condescending in giving a reply that might already cover a lot of your existing experience.


Edit - just thought that sometimes mod designers assign more than one slot - seems that this may be what has happened here.

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I had a quick look at this - the parasitic armor occupies two slots in the ARMO file - the body and the circlet. In Nifskope it's only registered to one slot - 32 for the body. However the ARMA files are made up of two entries - one for the main body slot (32) and the other (covering the left breast) is for the circlet (can't recall the slot). I guess that it might be possible to delete the reference to the circlet slot in the ARMO file, relatively easy to do in  TES5Edit. Which body are you using?

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Presently using a UUNP Body Slide body, as for the circlet slot, I think it's for the part of the armor that covers the left eye, not sure if unticking that in the file would remove that from the armor or not though (kinda like having it, though still want the option of having a circlet too =/ )

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