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adding HDT collisions to belly?


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I was following Blabbas guide on yhis, until I got to the part where he mentions it doesn't work, and provides a link to an hdt preset that has belly collisions. Problem is, the distortion is really only visible at one angle, and other angles, it just doesn't look right, not to mention with fill her up, the belly gets buggy and I have to quit to reset it.


I prefer using the Cob jiggly w belly, as fill her up looks quite good with its jiggles. Hiwever, o don't know how to add collisions. Was looking for a strp-by-step guide on how to make the belly collide with both so and stevierages hdt creatures. Any help will work, I'm usually fast to learn

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Just use all in one HDT pussy. It contains belly HDT also if im not mistaken

Is that the one that contains trepleen, stevierages, and cos? Downloaded, but I hadn't looked at included hdt files. I'll give it a whirl. But I'm really hoping to learn how to attach collisions, so, I can finish (our try) stevierages hdt creature setup

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How enable or add belly bounces for original hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml from HDT Physics Extension?

Other bounces like "HDT Bounce and Jiggles by Knightmare077" too powerful for me and not naturally with hdt armor. Even reduced version.

Original bounces in xml is good but without belly.


(Sorry for my bad English)

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