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Sex animations overlapping

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So, I've recently developed an issue where aroused creatures, defeat and possibly other sexlab mods are not respecting each other and trying to initiate animations with actors that are already occupied.


Any ideas?

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If I recall, SexLab automatically cancels a new sex thread if any of the involved actors are already busy.


However, you may still have issues if one mod needs to have a sex scene for something like a quest, and another mod causes the thread to fail by initializing first and stealing the actors away. This isn't really something you can solve, it's an inherent issue with mods that allow random sex outside the player's control, so you need to be careful with what mods you're putting together. For example, Defeat + Dangerously Nude is a bad combination: Defeat strips your character naked and sets the conditions for Dangerously Nude to randomly start animations with nearby actors, the same actors that Defeat is most likely trying to use; if DN gets to them first, then Defeat won't work properly and will be left in a broken state.

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