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Proof reading, spell check and translation.


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Greeting LL community, I'd like to know if there's an ongoing project or team for the proof reading, spellchecking and translation of mods?


My point being that, as you can see the matter coming up once in a while in mod related conversations, there are usually a lot of typos/grammar error in mods.


Though it's more of a nag than a real issue, I thought (and am pretty sure am not the first to have the idea and/or propose it) that having a way to correct those might be nice!


While it's not directly related, there's the matter of translation too, which would be quite interesting to tackle (that being said, it's an entire different ball game.).


Having done a few translations for some other communities (am not and english native speaker), I've seen thing setup like this:


In some dedicated thread, someone puts up the work he'd like to see checked/translated (whatever), and someone just answer to take it on. No rush, no ETA, no certainty it might be done, just a higher chance to see a mods content enhanced a tad.


What say you?

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I have helped once or twice with this kinda thing. huh.png



I bet you did!


I'm merely suggesting a dedicated thread for request/answers on those matters ^^


and hopefully and handful of people you know you can call on for that kind of stuff. ^^

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